13 January 2016

jumping back

So a little while ago, as I was deciding to re-start blogging on this blog, I accidentally managed to delete a bunch of my old posts. So it says that the last time I updated this blog was in 2011, so the posts in the interim have disappeared into the dark space of blogosphere. I've given up trying to retrieving them - anyway, new year, new start and all that so I shall start by updating you with what's been happening.

I moved to Madras, city of incredible humidity, gorgeous winters, and endless beaches. Right now, it is the said gorgeous winter and therefore you won't hear me complaining about the weather for awhile. The city had recently been battered by a 100-year flood in December 2015 and amidst all the chaos and wreckage, there were stories of incredible humanity to be found. I was safely out of town during that time and all I could do was coordinate a bunch of relief trucks with the essentials.

It got me thinking about the fragility of this built up thing that we call Life. It also got me thinking about how often we actually take stock of what we have and what we're grateful for. More often than not, its not about the things that we lose in the flood but the things we discover.

So this little post is a step-back into the world of blogging. I have lots more news, updates, and thoughts to share and will keep writing back as often as I can.