24 February 2009

its not easy being green...

Everybody knows the environmental problems faced today unless they've been living in caves cut off from civilization. The pundits have waxed eloquent about polar ice melting, ozone layer deteriorating, coral-reefs dying, animals becoming extinct, floods, famine, drought etc etc so much so, that the general public is left wondering what the white noise is all about. The environment has become a specialist subject when it need not be so.

Social responsibility as far as the environment is concerned is left in the hands of 'the big guns' with people left floundering especially in countries where the general public can do more. The movement to protect our natural resources has yet to reach the momentum of a revolution that brings 'power to the people' -- until this happens, these issues cannot be tackled holistically.

The idea is to break it down into bits and realise that the world we live in is intricately connected. Harm to a part is harm to the whole, where the converse is also true. Once this is done, the subject of tackling environmental problems becomes easier to handle. Not everybody can do everything right by the so-called book of Laws of Being Green... Kermit had it right - it's not easy being green! Part of this reason is because there is too much information - this blog aims to address the problem of over-abundance of information and break everything down to bite-sized chunks which are do-able.

Doing a few things right ultimately is better than doing many things wrong or worse, not doing anything at all - apathy is the worst kind of negligence there is. I'd like to leave you with that thought for now...

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