30 October 2009

this is halloween!

Half the world lies in darkness. Power cuts are a regular feature even in India where there hasn't been a single day of uninterrupted power supply the past two years in my city. It is only October. It is just Halloween and already Harrods have turned on their Christmas lights. You would think that in times like this 'they' would lend 'us' a thought.

In spite of not meeting demand for electricity and dealing with short-falls in power production, India has managed to emerge as a world business leader. I have been travelling recently and in Hong Kong Christmas decorations have already gone up. Singapore lights up Orchard road in its entirety. The amount of power they use lighting up billboards and neon signs are utterly fascinating. Granted we do the same with our store-fronts but it is about time that an end is put on superfluous waste.

Festivals are joyous occasions where thanks is given for what we have. Unfortunately they have also become a commercial opportunity with Christmas always being the most commercialized. Turning on lights for a festivals a month in advance is simply a waste when everybody is trying to be responsible about the environment.

Just thought I'd put out this wee rant.

Photo: Akhila Vijayaraghavan ©

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